Important Things to Consider Before Booking a Hotel

Location Always double check the location of the hotel. Some hotels will claim to be an amazing locatio but leave out the fact that they are right next to the highway, market or a bus station. And keep in mind that most hotels[...]
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Nigerian Pidgin – Useful words and phrases

If you are visiting Nigeria, don't be daunted by the 520 languages in our repertoire. Just remember to add a little bit of pidgin to yours and you will be fine. It is the one language that binds us all. Pidgin is an English-based creole[...]
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Lagos Memories | Top 5 Places to Visit in Lagos, Nigeria

Unless you’re uniquely averse to living the “extrovert life,” Lagos can be anything but boring for anyone. Lagos is an active and socioculturally diverse city. The curious sights and multi-layered sounds that waft[...]
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