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 All services offered by“”, “we”, “us”, “our”, or “ours”) both direct and indirect to customers are subject to terms and condition set out below. The terms “you”, “your”, “yourself”, “yours” and “customers” refer to persons or corporate entities who access services rendered through our websites whether complete or incomplete. The term “Service provider” refer to our partner hotels, “motels”, “Inns”, “apartments”, “Suites”, “estates” and “Airlines” “car” that we advertise on our website.

We advise that you carefully peruse and understand the terms and conditions before using website.   


  1. Our services scope includes:

  • Hotel/Hall reservations

  • Airport pick up/drop off

  • Flight booking

  • Tour/Vacation package

  • Delivery services.

The provision of these services are found on our website through which you can select your preferred service. By selecting any of the aforementioned services through, you enter into a legally binding agreement with the service providers (hotels and Airlines) with which your booking is made to. only acts as a nexus or intermediary between customers and the service providers.

Our duty is to ensure we pass your information and request to the service providers and revert back to you as regards confirmation of your reservation for hotels, flight and vehicle booking through email or sms on their behalf. It is pertinent to note that accuracy of the information provided by hotels as regards their description, amenities, locations and rates on is exclusively for them. It is their exclusive responsibility to update customers on their current status on our website. 

However, we will always keep in touch to ensure that information provided by the service providers through our website are accurate and not misleading to customers but on no condition shall we be liable for any false information provided on our website by any of the service providers. We are not liable for any loss, damages, injury, disappointment, death suffered by customer(s) arising from the gross negligence or willful act of the service providers.  


 In a bid to ensure customers stay in neat and decent hotels, we may sometimes suggest hotels to customers based on their request but customer is entitled to any decision made by him or her. On no condition shall we be held liable if the hotel falls below the customer’s expectation. 

Kindly note that Airlines may add extra charge for some items like seating, special meal, printed boarding passes etc. we advise that you always familiarize yourself with the Airlines’ terms and conditions before booking.

2. Mode of payment      

  • Pay into our local bank account: If you opt for this option, payment can be made in different ways; an international bank transfer can be done if you are not residing in Nigeria, another mode is by a local online or interbank transfer or by depositing cash into any of the local accounts we operate provided you produce evidence of payment.

  • Use of ATM Cards. You can pay with your ATM through the third party link we provide on the website

  •  Pay to the Hotel(s) on arrival. You have the option of paying direct to the hotel(s).

Note that does not guarantee your reservation to the hotel neither shall we be obligated to notify you about the cancellation of your reservation if you opt for this mode of payment. This mode of payment is strictly between you and the hotel(s). 

We only guarantee reservation made through the first two options above.



It is important to note that the price of airline tickets fluctuates. Save until payment is received by, we reserve the right to amend any quote. In the event that exchange rate fluctuates, the customer undertakes to pay for any difference arising from it. Any decrease in the Quote prior to the date of payment will be reflected in the Quote. It is the responsibility of the customer to confirm if there are any changes in the Quote before making payment. Once payment is received at stipulated time, the Quote is guaranteed. The stipulated time is the mid night (Nigerian time) of the day the booking is made. If it is a group booking and the group no is not complete or does not meet the required number, the service provider may re-cost the quote and raise a surcharge. Should the customers reject such surcharge, it may lead to the cancellation of the booking by the service provider and payment may not be refunded thereafter. Note that service fee charged by us may not be refunded after such cancellation. 


      3.1Service Fee:

This covers the cost incurred by us as a result of perfecting your bookings and reservations. We also reserve the right to charge additional fee for any additional services rendered like cancellation request and adjustment in booking/reservation.


      3.2 Amendment Fee

This type of fee applies to any amendment on a confirmed ticket of the customer. 


4. Hotel cancellation and no-show policy

When you book through our website, you accept both cancellation and no-show policy of and hotels. We refund customers’ money without deduction when payment for hotel booking is made through our account and such money has not been remitted into the hotel’s account before the cancellation or notice of no-show is given.


However, the refund of money already remitted to the hotel(s) depends on the cancellation or no-show policy of the hotel. Hotel(s) reserves the right to charge you for no show wherein notice of cancellation was not made atleast 24 hours before the arrival date. Also note that we shall deduct our service fee or execution charge after the refund.


It is important to note that we are not accountable for any payment made directly to the hotel even when the reservation is made through our website. You are expected to apply for a refund directly to the hotel(s). Though on your request, we may assist you to get a refund from the hotel(s) but on no condition shall you misconstrue this as our obligation.


5.  Car Booking Cancellation Policy

In order to ease the stress of customers who books flight or hotel through our website or through any other source, we provide vehicle for Airport Pick/drop/dropoff. A customer who indicates interest may make payment before arrival to guarantee the vehicle booking or may pay on arrival. If the customer decides to cancel the vehicle booking when payment has been made ahead of his arrival, the customer is expected to notify us of his intention to cancel within 24hrs (Nigerian time) before his arrival, in that case, we refund the customer’s money without deduction. Any notice lass than 24hrs attracts 100% deduction of the payment.

Note that vehicle booking for pick up or drop off without payment is not guaranteed.  


6.  Correspondences 

In order to serve our customers better, we send acknowledgement of their reservations through email, sms or                telephone call immediately they book through our website and we will keep updating them until they check in. we also keep in touch with them and the hotel(s) until their departure to ensure they are not disappointed. We also expect their review on the hotel they checked in order to arrive at a decision on continuing with our partnership with the hotel(s) 


7. Changes

Terms and conditions of this website may be modified periodically. We therefore urge our customers to always review them each time they want to access our services on the website.


8. Consent

You consent that you have read, comprehend and consent to the terms and conditions when you access any of our services on this website.


 9. Lawful use

Your utilization of any of our services warrant that you will make a lawful use of our site or any contents and materials we provide through other means with which we correspond with you or any other person or corporate entity acting on your behalf.


10. Disclaimer is not liable to either the service provider or customer(s) or government agency for any liability arising from the booking. Note that we do not guarantee hotel information, description, pictures, amenities, services, software provided on the website. They may include inaccuracies or typographical error. In view of that, we shall not be liable for any misrepresentation by the service providers. We do not also guarantee the hotel rating and reviews by the customers. They only serve as a clue or guide to an intending user of the website.  


All hotels that accept only pay on arrival option are liable for any loss they may in cure from the customer’s inability to pay after check-in.